Top Things You Need To Know Before Your First Baby Photography Session

baby photography

Even if you have been taking pictures for a while, baby photography brings unique challenges. Photography tutorials can help, but they can only do so much. If you are wondering how to become a photographer that takes great baby pictures, use these tips!


Photographing babies takes time. Babies may need to be fed, changed or cleaned during a photo shoot. Schedule a large block of time when baby is usually happy and awake and be prepared to take plenty of breaks.


Make the most of your time by coming prepared. You should have a couple toys sure to get babies smiling. Bring tissues and wipes for the inevitable runny noses and messes. Backup batteries, lens cleaners and pens always come in handy too.


Keep the age of the child in mind when planning a baby photo shoot. For newborns, you will want to keep the room very warm and full of soft props for the adorable naked sleeping baby pictures. For an older baby, you will want to bring fun props to get the baby smiling such as a silly hat for you or a silly stuffed animal for someone to hold behind you.


Be sure to keep safety in mind when using the props that so often come with baby photography. Don’t let a baby sit or stand on anything that could fall over. Make sure newborns are well supported. You can hide an adult’s supporting hands under a sheet if need be.


Let parents know how they can help photo day go smoothly. Instruct them to dress appropriately with clean hands in case you want a picture of them holding the baby. Remind them to schedule sessions around naptimes and to bring plenty of outfits and favorite toys. Give them an idea of what to expect so they can be at ease on photo day.


Even if the shoot is mainly for the baby, it is always a good idea to include the rest of the family as well. Show the baby as part of the family unit—being held by mom and dad, snuggling with an older brother or grinning at the puppy. This will add personality and warmth to your shots.

Baby portrait photography is a challenging but rewarding part of photography. Babies are so tiny and precious. They are so full of light and joy. By capturing this adorable stage on film, you are giving parents a priceless gift.

If you’d like to learn more, consider taking a baby photography workshop!

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