7 Tips For Winning A Photo Contest

photo contest

If you want to learn how to become a photographer, one of the best photography tips and tricks for building up a repertoire and getting your name out there is to enter and participate in a photography contest. Of course, winning one is even better for your reputation. So here are 7 tips that all photographers need to know to submit a prize-winning photo.

1.Read, Understand and Follow the Rules. You want to make sure you understand the extent of what you are committing to when you submit a photo. Make sure you’re OK with the freedom you give the contest organizers to do whatever they want with your pictures. Also, if you don’t submit to guidelines, deadlines or technicalities for the competition, you could easily get disqualified.

2.Stick to the Theme. While there is room for ambiguous and artsy interpretations, if you submit a photo that veers too far from the theme, the judges may choose against it. Go out and take a brand new picture while staying true to the theme in your most creative way.

3.Get Creative! Remember that the judges see thousands of photos everyday, so you want yours to stand out. One way is to imagine what you think some of the most common entries will be, and then try to do something vastly different. Be unique!

4.Research Everything. Investigate the judges and the past winners of the contest. Don’t copy anything but research what tends to be a prize-winning photo so you can have some ideas of what they’re looking for.

5.Don’t be Sloppy, Watch Your Technicality. Even very “artsy” shots can remain unchosen if they are blurry or have a distracting background. You want it to be technically spot on so that your photo is at its best in every way.

6.Tell a Story. Judges are emotional human beings. Art is very often about getting people to feel something. Choose photos that mean something to you, that evoke a reaction. Whether it is portrait photography, landscape photography or something abstract, pick a photo with a story. Ask your friends and family which of your photos touch them most deeply.

7.Learn and Practice. If you know of upcoming competitions keep up the practice of photography by taking pictures everywhere and improve your photography skills all year round. Read or watch photography tutorials to learn the newest photography tips and tricks. Keeping up with your photography the whole year round will give you more experience and inspiration, will probably get you some lovely candid shots, and will definitely be a great practice.

Always Try Again. Whether you win or lose the contest, keep going. It’s a hard work to make this a living and the more experience you have the better. Have fun with it and learn from each experience because as you continue learning how to become a photographer, you will keep getting better and better.

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