Landscape Photography: 21 Rules

landscape photography


  1. if the sun is up it’s too late for a shot
  2. rule of 3 is a good start
  3. expensive equipment causes backaches, headaches and possibly heartaches
  4. shooting landscape photography without filters is absolutely possible
  5. you don’t have to photograph everything
  6. if your family doesn’t like your photographs – go out and shoot
  7. if it’s raining – go out and shoot
  8. if it’s dark – go out and shoot
  9. instead of getting a new camera take your old one on a trip
  10. if you haven’t printed out any of your images, you don’t know what they really look like
  11. the same applies if your computer screen is not calibrated
  12. the camera in your smartphone counts
  13. sunsets are overrated
  14. shoot quality, not quantity
  15. a hobbyist is a photographer too
  16. ask five people if they’d like to hang any of your photographs
  17. don’t worry if they wouldn’t. Just yet.
  18. better equipment won’t make you a better photographer, Better pictures will.
  19. constructive criticism is your best friend
  20. take 20 shots in your backyard before flying out to Utah
  21. even a mentor needs a mentor

These photography tips and tricks for improving your photos are helpful if you have an interest in landscape photography. To learn more in depth skills try a couple of landscape photography workshops to get you started!

About Anna Krygier

Adventurer, photographer, web designer and climber; Anna shares her creative eye in photo selection to help you learn and enjoy photography through well tested tips and tricks.