Can You Become Successful at Boudoir Photography?

boudoir photography

Whether you already have a professional photography business or not, you must remember that boudoir photography is a very different aspect to consider. If you are interested in building a successful business, then you need to know what clients are looking for and how to capture the perfect images. “Boudoir photography has quickly gained in popularity over past few years. To me, it is about bringing out the beauty and playfulness in a woman.” There is plenty of success to be found in this field. Just make sure you know the proper way to pursue it.


Many people aren’t very clear on how to advertise boudoir photography. They aren’t sure what is proper and what isn’t. Of course, this specific type of work needs to be handled delicately, but there are ways to do this.

  • Be tasteful at all times. Remember, if you are putting something out that will be available to the general public, it shouldn’t include full nudity. Close-ups can convey the mood and spirit of the pictures while remaining tasteful.
  • Make sure you have a model’s release. Because boudoir photography is a delicate subject, you need to ensure the models you choose for advertising are fine with this.
  • Use the Internet. Social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest can make it easy to reach thousands of potential clients.

Advertising is a crucial aspect of any business and whether you approach it in a traditional or more creative manner it should be done with care and professionalism.


When women come in for a boudoir session, they may be a little self-conscious. The last thing you want to do is provide them with unflattering portraits. Not only will they be unhappy with your work, but also their self-confidence could be damaged. Consider attending photography workshops or seminars on how to flatter the female form and capture boudoir images that are elegant and beautiful.


Again, keep in mind that very few clients will be totally comfortable with this type of photography session. Part of your job as the professional is to put them at ease. You can do this by acting as if the photo session is just another day. Don’t make a big deal out of it being boudoir. Additionally, consider playing music, telling jokes, or doing anything that can help lighten up the mood and help the client relax.


When clients come in for a boudoir photography session, they obviously won’t be interested in portrait packages or wall art. Instead, they want something special and intimate. You need to be realistic about what you offer and sell to them. Good options include:

  • Full digital albums with collage style artwork
  • 5×7 albums
  • Mini-pocket albums
  • Small framed prints

Make sure you consider what your clients will want from boudoir photography sessions. One of the best ways to be professional is to offer things that people actually want to buy.

There is a big demand for boudoir photography these days, and you can be successful in this genre whether you are adding it to your current business or starting a whole new photography studio. Extra training should always be considered to help with the development of your dream career.

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